January 15, 2010

The Sweetest Thing

My sweet boy came home the other day all excited for me to read a paragraph that he wrote himself to promote himself for student council. I was very proud of him and so happy that he would be interested in joining this group!

I had to sign off that we had read through the commitments that a child has to agree to before applying. One of the commitments was that you had to do community service.

So, I asked Jacob,

"Honey do you know what this is?"

"Yup, oh yeah mom I know all about this"

"You do?"

"Yeah, of course mom! You do too, we do it at church all the time!"

"What... at church? What do you mean? When have you done community service at church"?

"MOM, you know when you eat that little piece of bread and drink that juice... thats community service Mom!"

I almost fell of my chair! How Sweet!!!!!! Oh I just hugged him and was so thankful for such a sweet memory and moment shared between us! It still makes me laugh!


  1. How funny! I love when my boys make me laugh through their innocence! What a handsome boy you have!

  2. Ok...that is precious. I think this will be one you will forever remember. Thanks for sharing.....so cute.

  3. That is TO perfect!..Oh and his eyes look like Abby's in this picture!...


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