January 15, 2010

I've Been Awarded...

I've been tagged by Shawna with the Honest Scrap Award and am supposed to share 10 random, honest things about myself.

1. I always wished I could sing like Shania Twain, looking like her wouldn't be so bad either.

2. I detested reading until a friend of mine introduced me to Francis Rivers books.

3. I long for eternity more now than I ever have.

4. I have a picture of Kramer on my computer because when I am in a mood he makes me laugh!

5. I have a huge love for peanut M&M's and can chow through a whole Costco bag size in one day and this is why I could never look like Shania Twain... oh well.

6. I let my kids play the WII longer than I should just to have more time to myself, yikes!

7. I despise doing laundry and purge my closet every three months to get rid of excess stuff.

8. I am too organized for my own good and sometimes can't find things I organize.

9. I actually enjoyed learning at my CNA program.

10. My kitchen had chocolate brown cabinets, barn red & mustard yellow curtains with black granite counter tops and I would love to change it out to butter cream cabinets, beige and barn red curtains and marbled white and brown granite counter tops.

Now I have to tag 5 people to do this, so I tag;

1. Alicia
2. The V.W.'s
3. Hope
4. Corie
5. Cathy

After you post your 10 honest things about yourself add this award to your blog!

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