January 22, 2010

Little Emma

From Emma's Daddy...

Hey folks, Kelvin here...

Emma is so thin it hurts to look at her. We are wrapping cloth diapers around her to give the points of her pelvis and hips some protection. She is gravely thin. She is now under 18 pounds, although eating steady. I recently had the realization that her physical whithering and ability is probably a mirror of her mental state.

It seems as if it may be a mirror of our mental state as well...

Prayers accepted!

Over the past 2 years I have walked through the deepest of life's dark and jagged valleys. Even then, the lowest areas of my journey could be used as a perch to view down into the places where Christy does battle. As a mother holding a dying child, I concede her mental, physical and emotional journey to be beyond my understanding.

Christy, you are my hero.

Please visit her blog HERE for up-to-date information on Emma

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  1. Emma and her family are heavy on my heart and definitely in my prayers!



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