January 20, 2010

Another Birthday...

My day is creeping around the corner at warp speed and I think to myself, "I don't feel like a 41 year old!" Way back when... 25 was OLD and 30? Well... that was just plain ancient!

Life does go by so quickly... like a vapor Gods word says... and it is so true! I am pretty much at the 1/2 way mark of my life in the worlds eyes and reflecting back on my 41 years I think, "What are the highlighted words on the pages of my life?"

* January 25th, 1969 I was blessed with life

* From January 26th, 1969 to September 4th, 1999 ~ 30 years God was preparing me for my life now

* September 4th, 1999 I married a wonderful man who loves me & we are 10 years strong and moving right along

* July 11th, 2000 I was blessed with Jacob (a little version of me)

* July 17th, 2002 I was blessed with Joseph (the laughter of my heart)

* March 8th, 2005 I was blessed with Abigail (the sweetest version of a loving trial God could have ever given to me)

* I know through many a trial God has given me the assurance of my salvation

* My desire has grown stronger with each year to passionatly share with my kids my joy and longing for to be with my Savior.

* I have learned what it is to trust God with my whole heart

* I am being challenged daily to keep Christ as my treasure... for where my heart is, there my treasure is also

All the other things, material and whatnot just seem to melt away... are of no importance. If I am blessed with more days to my life, I pray I earnestly seek to study and to know my Jesus more, to love Him with all my heart, all my mind and soul!

My sweet grandma, I can hear her say this now...

"Tammy dear, love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul."

She was very wise and now walks with her Lord.

I hope I make my remaining days ones all about Christ. Learning to empty myself of me and fill my heart up with Christ in order to shine with Him and for him.

Thank you Christ for my life, your love and all that you have taught me!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love and Hugs!!

  2. I have been meaning to stop by here for the last week and every time I would start, something would come up! Well, you know how that goes! First, I love the family pics, they are wonderful! You have such a gorgeous family! Second, you are crazy to be changing your blog all the time but I have to admit, I love it! Third, I love you new blogs. The special needs items one looks very helpful and the Tid-bits look very fun! I'll be stopping by there periodically too!

    Fourth, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


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