September 23, 2009


O.k. I need your advice!

Abby just went in for her annual check up and the doc mentioned "again" that she is still not current on her shots. She has only gotten one set of them since birth and I got scared not knowing how they would effect her because we did not know what was wrong with her.

My aunt is a bio-chemist and makes these drugs and has vehemently forewarned our family to stay away from the flu shot because of all the "poison" in it, but what of the others.... I am at a point of "arugh" and want to know what you all have done with your little ones.

Now that she is in school and around more "junk" I'm not sure what to do... The boy are up to date, but they can bring things home too. So far we have been bless and I just keep praying that the Lord will protect her from anything... He is bigger and more powerful than any vaccination... and He has done just that... she has only caught little colds...

The thought of going to the hospital because she has not been vaccinated is terrifying and but the un-known of what these shots could do is even more terrifying! What to do, What to do!!!!

Do you have any advice? What have you done? Were you where I am ever with that I feel? What did you do???? I need HELP!!!! Winter is coming and so are the ugly virus right along with it!



  1. This would be a great conversation to have with your pediatrician. As a NICU nurse practitioner I can understand your concern about your daughter getting her immunizations, however because she is a NICU graduate and at high-risk for getting sick period, I would greatly recommend giving her immunizations. Your pediatrician can alter the schedule of the immunizations (so that she won't get a bunch in one day, you can easily have them spaced out). Just my two cents worth, but I would greatly recommend at least sharing your thoughts with your pediatrician and getting more information on how to get your daughter up to date and better protected.

  2. I, personally, am ALL for getting children immunized! I believe the benefits definitely outweigh the risks! Look back to 100+ years ago, before immunizations were given and the many that died from these diseases. I'm quite confident that our population would not be as large as it is today without the invention of these immunizations.

    As for the flu shot, I used to think that it wasn't necessary. Even when I worked in a hospital, around lots of sickness, I didn't get the flu shot. After I had Gavin and our doctor suggested that he get it and the rest of our family get it as well, I wondered how necessary it was. But, we all got it and ever since then, I have stayed so much healthier than I used to during flu season.

    I usually trust the medical field and what my doctor suggests. I figure that they know a lot more than I do. Plus, there has been a whole lot of research done since immunizations came about and I trust the info.

    Again, this is my opinion. You will have to decide what's best for you and Abby. Hope the decision comes easily for you! Being a Mom sure does bring about lots of responsibility, doesn't it?! HUGS!!!

  3. I think we have to be careful with our kiddo's. My doctor was kind enough to tell us they do not need the MMR booster, until after they've been checked if they even need it.
    I guess that's the shot that concerns most people.

    Our son is up to date on his shots, except that 2nd MMR.

    We have never given him a flu shot. We just quarantine him each winter :)

    Mom to Eli - age 4 - CP - severely disable, 100% tube fed.

  4. I am for vaccines, but not the schedule that is "recommended". The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears is great, I just don't know what is in there for children that are already high risk for getting sick. But if it is something that you are going to do, SPREAD THE SHOTS OUT. I would not do more than one or two a month.

  5. I first have to say that I am for vaccinations but not the current schedule they recommend. My youngest son has not been vaccinated since birth and he is 19 months old. I made the decision to not vaccinate until he is older and then we will do it one at a time with a 3 month break in between. My reasons are because of his older brother having autism. So far my youngest has only had a few colds, and just recently the swine flu, BUT he was fine... I could go on and on about that one but I won't :) Anyway, if you choose not to vaccinate yet, just be careful, that is what I do with my youngest I realize I can not take him everywhere or put him in daycare full time.

  6. I agree that we must be careful when making this choice.

    Zachary had his immunizations through 4 months then we stopped when he started having seizures. He had no more until his 2 year check up. We only did the shot that is associated with meningitis, we have known 5 families with children that passed away from meningitis and we were really scared about that.

    I know you need to be more careful when your kiddo has seizures because there are a couple they say not to get if they do.

    We also found it very interesting that because we waited until he was 2 that he only had to have one shot, but if he would have had the normal schedule he would have had one at each check up. I find this very odd.

    Not all immunizations are bad you just need to figure out what is best for her and not let anyone pressure you into getting anything you don't feel right about.

  7. I hate to be generic, but I agree totally with what Alicia VW said above. It IS a very difficult decision and I hope you can reach a decision that is best for you and Abby.

    Hugs and love

  8. We too have had Isabelle get all of her shots. I know there is no way to protect her from every virus or bacteria out there, but at least she is getting something to try to help her. I agree that the benefits outway the risks in my opinion. But I also know as a mother of a special little person that I question each thing that we do with her that you might do without even thinking for other children. We really like our pediatrician so usually go with whatever he suggests. With all of that combined as I know you know, I lastly, but most importantly remember that I have a God who loves Isabelle and will keep her in His arms no matter what comes her way.
    Praying that you can make a decision which you will be at peace with.

  9. Tam, I am with getting the whole shot thing. But maybe not all at the same time. Spread them out. Until this last time Annabel had never had any reaction to her shots. This last one really scared me but again I would trust her dr. and hope she would give in smaller doses or she would use her judgemnt and advise me against.

    As far as the blog thing, I so know what you mean. I just have felt flat. Like I don't have anything new, worthy, interesting etc. to say. So I feel if I can't say anything uplifting or good, just stay away.
    You have such a hectic schedule with no help. I can't imagine the football thing and being in the car. You must be so overwhelmed. Please know that I do stop by. I don't do it everyday at all like I use to. Actually, just told a friend two days ago, I am actually considering leaving the blog as a source of some info but not managing the site any longer. I also am probably going to discontinue facebook. I joined due to T18 mommies site but don't go there much either. Our lives are so crazy how do we possibly need one more thing to keep up with, right????
    Please keep us advised with Abby new neuro. Wow, how do you just watch. The night you were up so long, would the hospital help or not the place to go???

  10. Hey seems like maybe everyone is getting busy at the same time, but I am still reading your blog...hugs!

    I immunize all of mine. I know the struggle though. I just make sure that they don't have thimerisol in them. May God give you the wisdom you need right now.

    I like the Matthew West The Motions video too. I think I needed that. I like the part where he wrote on his white board "The value of this season will no doubt be priceless."

  11. Hi Tamra :)

    wow, everyone has an opinion huh!..I always talk with my sis, Amy Gen, who commented also..about shots...Should we do the flu, the Swine..??? I have a 23 y daighter with Severe Asthma, so we always, even now, make sure she gets her flu shot, and now with the swine flu...I hear ya, its hard to know what is the right thing to do...We want to protect out precious family and yet???? got a lot of great advise though..Hope you can make a positive decision that you can be at peace with!..hugs ..p.s...still working on the sox!

  12. Tam...Not necessarily related to this post, but I have a song for you from one of my most favorite worshippers of God...Rita Springer. I have been meaning to send some of her songs to you for some time. Today I thought to check You Tube and viola. Don't listen without tissue and lots of it. I love you!

  13. With this question and all of the resulting confusion and difficult decision-making, I think this is GREAT evidence as to why parents who have kids without health/developmental complications should get their children immunized, to help protect other kids who DO have health issues which may be affected by vaccines.


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