September 17, 2009

Oh where oh where have I gone?

LIFE... as I have said before about life taking me in all directions it continues to do so! I got depressed when I realize that no one stopped by anymore (not that I don't blame anyone, Im not posting) so I removed the recent visitors list... not sure what I was so bummed about... I am not partaking in this... Not that I don't want too, I miss everyone and having the time to stop by read and respond, pray... ough, its just not there. Even now I should not be on here posting, I have bills to pay and prepare and pack our car for another trip to Durango.

Humm... real quick, Abby. Her seizures have increased to 13-18 per day. Last Saturday night I was up all night with her terrified that she was having a stroke again. She was unconsolable, screaming and shaking with pain from 11pm to 4am... Just to toss in the mix she has lost 2 pounds so her gastro doc increased her feeds and she did not tolerate it very well and has been throwing up, and she has that yucky virus going around, viral gastro interitus which = diareaha and a red raw open bottom!!! In the middle of all this my washer broke! ~ Perfect timing! As today she is feeling better, her bottom is healing, the vomiting has stopped due to going back to the original feed dose.

We have a appointment at Children's Hospital on the 30th to see a new neurologists. Being that her siezures have increased so much, NYU docs want us to come back to NY ASAP. Well, we can't do that for many reasons. I am praying that this 3 hour appointment here will be good, a blessing and full of good advice on what to do next. I am curious to see what they say, as the Sabril is not working any longer.

One reason I am not on the site much anymore is that I am trying to get my photography site up and running. Much to do and it takes a lot of my time. I will let you know when it's published so you can check it out and let me know your thoughts.

The boys are doing well. Both in school and loving football which takes up 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm every night with games on weekends. Abby's is faring well with this so far ( we wait in the car and try to keep her happy), but I'm not sure what we are going to do when it starts snowing and gets cold!

I am sorry this is short, but who's reading right? I am just talking to myself here, but for the loyal ones that do stop by, I will post from time to time when I have a moment.



  1. Oh goodness Tamara, we're still here! We just patiently wait till you have the time, that's all! Please don't stop posting because you think no one is out there. We all know how busy life can get. : )

    I am sorry to hear about Abby's seizures and other issues. I still pray for you guys. I hope and pray the doctor's appt goes well and you can get some answers without having to go to NY. I am also praying for a safe trip to Durango and back.

    Love and hugs!

  2. I'm here I'm here! I know you must be feeling tired and overwhelmed with the increase of Abs seizures. but please know that I think of you often and hope you're doing well. Hang in there!! I'll pray for Abby- and for you.

  3. I check your blog daily. Thank you for taking time to update. I saw that you had not updated in awhile so I assumed things were crazy for you. We pray for you and Abby and the family all the time. We have been praying for your mom too. We will be praying for little Abbers....sooo sorry she is having more seizures and the nights are long. Hopefully this Dr. will have some insight and you will not need to travel to NY. Think about you and your back and all that you are going through. I know you are climbing mountains and trucking through the valleys. I still wait to see 3 yellow bugs...and praise God for them. ;)

    Love to ALL of you. In Christ ~ Jen, Tom and Brees.

  4. It's good to hear from you again!.....I was about to call you several times this week, to talk and to see if you were doing o.k., but I've been quite busy too and I never know when it would be a good time to call either. Anyway...

    I'm sorry to hear that Abby's seizures are getting worse! This must be so difficult for you and her! I pray that this neurologist will be able to help you and that you won't need to go to N.Y.!

    I don't know how you do football every night! That would drive me crazy just alone!

    Hang in there! I'll be praying for you and your family! Oh, and I check your site daily, hoping to get an Abby and Tamara fix, so keep in touch when you can! Love and Hugs!!!

  5. I am still here. Oh, poor Abs. So sorry she has been so sick. Really bad time for the washer to break for sure. You have to be exhausted. Praying that the new neurologist can do something for her seizures.
    Take care and will be patiently waiting for another update. ;)

  6. I am sympathetic, too, for all your current unpleasant busy-ness. No need to apologize here.

    I have been following several blogs of parents with children with seizure disorders. So complex. So scary. Wishing you and her some good answers at NYU.

    In the car in winter, I just saw a little device in a catalogue - plugged into the lighter opening it offers two regular electric outlets. Small electric heaters can be purchased - look in the camping section.


  7. Oh Sweetie...I am still here! I check every day for your posts! I am SO sorry you feeling so lonley and stressed...I wish there was something I could do for you! I do pray daily..Here's a hug from afar!.oxox

  8. Tamara~
    I am so sorry I haven't checked your site lately. It seems life has taken over for everyone. I'm having a hard time just keeping up with my own.
    I am sorry to hear about Abby. I can't imagine how hard that is for her or for you. You constantly amaze me with the strength you have to make it through each day and all of Abby's trials.
    Hang in there. I pray that the doctor's appointment goes well and they can come up with maybe a new plan of attack.
    Know that even though I haven't been able to check your (or anyone else's) site in quite a while you and your family are in my prayers daily.

  9. Hey Tam, I check your site often as well. I think of you a lot and hope that you know you are loved and prayed for by many.

  10. Hey Tam! I check your blog quite often, and was happy to see an update. I'm sorry Abby is having more seizures, that is heartbreaking. We are praying for you and please know you are loved and thought of a lot.


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