July 1, 2009

Here We Go Loop-Tee-Luu....

Wow, its amazing how quickly how things change around here! We have been busy with all the regular stuff, and I just got hit with a boat load of great news!

First, we had a change in our medical plan and turns out what I thought was going to be a major catastrophe... ended up being the best blessing of all! Abby had almost used most of her $1M cap and I think I shared that Atena was now dictating where her monies would be allocated too! AHHH the audacity! Well, Matt's company pulled the o'l switch-a-roo and her $1M cap starts all over again with this new company... Praise The Lord!!!

We had to quit school back in January when Atena declined PDN. In order to go to school and receive therapies she HAS to have her nurse with her. Medicaid stepped up and allowed for 3 visits back to back per day for nursing, but they are not allowed to leave the house, thus no school and no therapies.

Here is the good part, being that we got new insurance I started the ball rolling for PDN through them. I informed PSA "Pediatric Services of America" of our new insurance and we were all hopeful that they would without a doubt provide PDN for her. The next day I got a call from PSA, and she informed me that they did a new acuity scale and assessment on Abby, re-submitted all this to MEDICAID, they came back with APPROVED PDN 14 FOR HOURS A DAY!!!!! WHAT??? I SAID, I thought our new insurance was going to be paying for this, but hey... Medicaid is even better because now her new cap won't be touched by this! We will not be using all 14 hours a day, we will just go back to our normal shift of 8-5:30 M-F. Oh what a blessing this is!!! Now Abb's can attend school in August and get her therapies and start going to hippo therapy again!!!! Next I am working on a new seating system from Lecky called the Mygo and finding a crash tested base so she can ride the school bus and be safe!

The other good part is that Adam Chodak from Channel 9 News and I have been talking back and forth and he is working hard on talking with all sorts of doctors, specialists and providers. He is waiting on a one person to contact him back and then he and I will meet for an interview! I just hope it is before we leave next Friday! He is so driven on this story and I just love his passion to dig deeper and find out what is going on! I can't wait to meet him and will let you know when we do and what happens!

I am almost done with preparing for our leave regarding Abbs. I have put a PowerPoint together for our training on Tuesday and think I have everything else set. Boy it's a lot of work!!! If ANYONE needs tips on what to do and how, just give me a hollar... I think I've got it down!

I just came back from Vail for a pre-wedding consultation and oh if you have not been there, GO! It's so beautiful and I can not believe the beauty up there!!! Here are a few photos from this trip and also some of Abby, enjoy!

Thanks to all that have left me comments!!!!

How cute is this, Grandma Jona bought Abb's some Keens!

"Oh booooy we ganna painta caddipiller! Umm whaz that adin?"

"Hmmm dis is intawrestng..."

"Don't touch! I do it meself!"

"hey... was dis thingy?"

"Ahaaa the paint'n thingy... I found it!"

"jus wht I thot.. gween is petty on me!"

"hey herd tat pilliy tingy adin... I downt wike it!"

"oooo maybe ya spsto eatd it!"

"yup me sure youd spsto eatd it!"

"ummmm gween pattypiller goood!"

"okkie mommy, wat you'd tink?"

"ohhh I don't tink momma wik me in gween too mutch!"

"But i tink it funny!"


  1. YAHOO for the insurance success. I too have Aetna and know how frustrating calls can be plus when they put me on hold or lose paperwork! YAHOO for Missy lou being able to go to school too. Absolutly amazing news :)

  2. Oh how wonderful Tamera! I am so So happy for you! Keep fighting for what is true and honest! I am so glad you get to have Abby go to school and therapy! Yea...what a huge blessing and just in time for you to be able to have happy thought on your trip...God is SO Good!....blessing and be safe..Shi~

  3. WOW, that is great news!!! So happy for you that this big stress is resolved!! I also love the story pics of Miss Abby!

    Have a great 4th of July Holiday!

  4. Ok, so can you tell me her/your fav colors? and how wide her feet are? and would you want tube type socks or ones with heels? I know alot of questions huh!...but these are the last ones..I want them to be just perfect for the sweetheart! :) Shi~

  5. I'm so glad the insurance worked out for you! Thank God for that. I constantly stress over insurance issues. Abby is gorgeous. Happy 4th to your sweet family!!

  6. SUch good news!!! I just sent you an email..........I love the pictures of that sweet girl sitting by herself!

  7. YAY! I LOVE great news! I'm so happy for you! What a blessing and what a relief!

    And, look at Miss Abby sitting up by herself!!! What a huge accomplishment! She is precious! I love all the pics of her painting!

    Have a great weekend! HUGS!!!

  8. Glad to hear everything is working out great! Wonderful news on the insurance!! I hope you have a great trip,can't wait to see the photos!! :)

  9. I am so glad things are looking up for you and your family. Praise God that you will have nursing. We just go certified for 74 hours a week. I need to use them somehow.
    You pictures are beautiful. The color is so amazing. How far is Vail from you???
    What arrangements are being made for Abby. Will she have nursing/family members watching her? I will be praying for all to go according to God's plans and for you to have the utmost peace!

  10. Abby looks great! I'm a little jealous at how well she is sitting up and holding things, but at the same time so excited for you and for her. She looks so good. I love the pictures.
    And as for the insureance praise the Lord! He always comes through and provides when we need it the most. We just have to remember it is in his time. I have been praying that something would change that she might start receiving services again. What a blessing.
    I'm so happy for all of you.
    P.S. Did you make a powerpoint to help people know how to take care of Abby when your gone? What a great idea. We are hoping to go somewhere, just the two of us, sometime next summer and that sounds like a great idea.

  11. Your time and dedication as Abby's advocate is paying off. I am so happy to hear that things are looking up for you, especially right before your trip.

    Abby is looking so good, so happy. Is green her favorite color?

    By the way...love the new Keen's. I can't wait until Nathans feet are big enough for shoes like that!


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