June 29, 2009

Nothin To Report

Photo of the mountains on my walk a few days ago.

My life, yet crazy busy is boring right now, so there is nothing to report. I don't think many people stop by my blog anymore, so I guess the timing is good and works well. I very well could be writing this to no one, but if one reader just checks in this is for you.

My mother in law has been out and we have been busy spending time together with the kids. We are looking forward to our time together in Rome and thats pretty much all we talk and shop about.

I am not excited about leaving Abby, no matter how hard I try and be strong I always crumble. Lately I can not get enough of her, its been so fun pretty much giving all my attention to her and not wanting any help from anyone! Selfish I know, but I must plaster her with hugs and kisses before I go.

I have not heard from Channel 9 News. I did get an e-mail saying that something has come up and the story would have to be postponed until next week. Then that night we hear of Michael Jackson and I looked at my husband and said, "See this is why I my face is not all over the T.V! Michael Jackson took my spot light!" Joking of course! Poor man, I hope he somewhere somehow knew the Lord.

Abby is doing well. Seizures are still here and nothing has changed with their duration or amount. She however has been more giggly lately. She has decided to all the sudden turn over in her bouncer! I was amazed to see her do this with my own eyes. She is getting so strong, my little angel. When on the floor she is bringing her legs under her chest, but does not have the upper body strength to push up with her arms and chest to come up. This would be so wonderful if she could try and crawl or just get up on all 4! I will try and get a photo or two of her doing these, wonderful to see!

See boring.. nothing to report.... feel like I am thinking of stuff just to put up a new post. So I will stop now.

Oh here are a few photos of my boy, my little hero in baseball!



  1. Love that there is not much to report. But I am sure that there will be LOTS of pictures in a few weeks of some amazing places that I have only read about.

  2. The pictures of the mountains make me long to live in Colorado. I know that you are ready to move, but wow, that is amazing.

    Your little baseball man is darling. I can't wait for Bella to start playing.

    That's great that Abby is pulling her legs up to her chest! She will keep moving at her own pace and someday she will surprise you again with something new.

  3. I'm still reading and I always look forward to your updates...so thanks! :)

    That picture is amazing! I would take a lot more walks if I had a view like that!

    Yay for Abby! I would love to hear her giggles and see how strong she is getting! HUGS to her and you!

  4. I dont know what you mean by no one reading:) I even checked in Florida.
    Flying in tomorrow. Im so scared. Not so much of the flying, as just having Alex.
    I will call you!

  5. I check daily. I have a friend who's 7 year old daughter had strokes as a baby. She is confined to a wheel chair, and can't lift her head. I shared the blow up pool idea, and guess what? She uses it and loves it.
    Keep writing!

  6. Summertime and baseball! Two of the cutest boys on earth. Sorry I haven't made a visit as much with computer being in the shop.
    I think because of our special babies when there is so much drama we have things to write about. When I have nothing to say, that ususally mean that things are status quo around home.
    I am praying for you as you prepare to leave Abby. I can feel your pain so deep. I have a sweet friend who wants Annabel every single weekend. When I do let her take her (bfore surgery) I felt so recharged when she returned. I know we need time for us and other family members. We must build those memories. But the guilt is overwhelming. I think about when she is drifting off to sleep, or waking in the night, she must wonder where is mommy. But remember there are lesson they are learning that they know we always return to them.
    I will be praying that you will be in each day, have peace that Abby will be fine and safe, that God is taking you exactly where he wants and needs you to be. I love you and wish I was so much closer. We could draw so much from each other.

  7. Just found your blog...Enjoyed reading it and will be back often.

  8. What an absolutely gorgeous picture! I have been to Colorado once years ago and would love to go back. Your scenery is breathtaking. What a blessing that is to be able to live so close to.
    I am so excited for this step for Abby too. What a gift to you that is! I bet that little giggle brings happiness to your heart everytime you hear it.
    Great pics of your boys too! They look like naturals.

  9. I'm still reading! And that Abby is rolling over is very much not boring. :-) Great photo...don't you love having scenary so worthy of photographing? Did you get my email about Clara? She's home now...yippee! Still praying and thinking of you all lots. Oh, and the Jacob looks so professional. I LOVE that photo of him with the other 3 boys. That will one that will be fun to look at decades from now. :-)

  10. Oh Tamara, and you thought we did not care! I wait for a new post from you every day to see how you are doing and what I need to be praying for your family! I am so glad that you feel like the time you have with Abby is so precious! I love the color you chose for your pictures also! Your life must be so busy with the kids the age they are...Blessing Shi~


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