July 5, 2009


Some have made a few comments about how happy they are to see Abby sitting so well.
~ I must share that it was SO tricky to get these shots! ~

I was balancing my camera on one knee while holding her shoulder with my other hand trying to get her to "look up, Abby, SMILE", stay in focus and shoot right as I let go of her and quickly grab her again before she'd fall face down!
This was done over & over again to get at least 2 in focus.... PHEW!

I have to say on her behalf that she does sit very well on her own, but only with her AFO's on and only for 3-5 seconds and then she becomes The Leaning Tower of Pisa, giggles and veeerrrrooooommmmm, CRASH!
I think she thinks its a game & we love playing this game on the soft carpet.
The AFO's offer support for her to push up against, but those cute little Keen's... well not so much!

So, lets give due "wowment" where it's due and that be for me....
sweating bullets trying to get that shot! ;O) LOL!
Although, I must say it is VERY COOL to see her sitting with no strings attached in a photo where time stands still!

Regarding your other questions. Yes, I did make a power point for those watching Abbs so they could refer back to her care.
Here is a few shots from it.
These photos went into the Power Point with specific directions.


*Created a chart for her care...

*Typed a 5 page document of her medical history facts with doctors names, address and phone #'s. Dates of all procedures and hospital visits.

*Created a Medical Power of Attorney.
For the most part you can get a partial one for free then they want you to buy something.
Well after much research and using my free "Google Degree",
I now own a completed copy!
(if you need a copy of this, let me know!)

*Emergency Contact list

*Emergency Plan

*Created a completed monthly supply ordering sheet

*Organized a quick view list of all her doctors or anyone that has anything to do with her care

* I have also created docs for her care: bathing, bed time, equipment, feeds, meds, morning, afternoon & evening moods: how to react. Her cries and what they mean, what her seizures look like, what to expect and how to react, etc. When you think of it, it becomes a step by step for someone coming in brand new not knowing anything of her care. Lets face it our little ones are no walk in the park when it comes to ease and taking care of them!

When preparing for this leave from my Schmabadoozie, I have to think realistically and have at the back of my mind, there is a possibility that we may not come back, God forbid, but lets face it when it's our time, its our time.

Its a yucky thing to hash over and rips my emotional gut up, but I have to be responsible and make sure all areas are taken care of, that my t and i's are crossed and dotted.

This whole process was not fun and I still have a few things to tie up, but when it's all said and done, I will be able to leave with full peace that I did everything I could think possible and know that I am leaving her in good hands and that those hands are overly well informed!

Above and beyond, God is in control and that leaves me with a breath of fresh peace and comfort! He is SO Good! Also, the caretakers that have offered are wonderful and this whole sceduling fell into place. I just know her caretakers were hand picked by God Himself and this is SOOOO re-assuring for my soul!

Again, if anyone is looking to take off soon for some much needed R&R and need some advice on how to wrestle the monster task of preparing, please e-mail me at hislittlelambs@mns.com and I would be more than willing to share all that I have done and even help research or create forms you may need! Well, I am off for now.... Don't forget to check out my new mini album that I will adding photos to of our trip in real time! I hope it works, but if not.... well you can all expect an awesome slide show when we return!

Thanks for all your comments!!!!


  1. That is a wonderful idea to make a powerpoint on how to care for her. I may "borrow" some of your ideas in the future, if we ever have anyone watch Ava. Great ideas!!

  2. You rock my world woman! Seriously...you need this R&R yet the details are tireless and never-ending! The details, from what I saw, look great! I loved the charts about medicine and schedules, plus the pictures of food are great too.

  3. I still think that she is sitting great, but Yay to you for getting the proof on camera! I know how much work it can be to get just one good shot! Give yourself a pat on the back!

    Great job preparing for your trip too! I'm impressed! You will have such a peace of mind leaving, knowing that you did all that you could and her caregivers will thank you too I bet!

  4. Wow you have done amazing work! I hope that you will be able to enjoy your vacation with the boys and know that you have taken care of everything! How long will you be gone? Have a wonderful time!!! We will be praying for Abby's as always!

  5. Abby and your family are continually in our thoughts and prayers but especially while you are gone. Wow, you are my hero with all your organization. I love the pictures and instructions. I pray you are able to relax and enjoy your much needed time. I can wait to follow your trip in the pictures. Please, please don't only be the photographer but please do us a favor and be in the pictures also. Love you and give those precious children hugs from Texas.


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