December 15, 2009


Its 2 o'clock and here I am re-doin my blog just for fun. I think I am done tweaking for now and I am beginning to yawn. Before I go I wanted to let ya all know I am almost done with school! Next week Monday and Tuesday I have clinicals and then there's a sate board exam and I am finished! Feels good to accomplish something outside the home!

Abbys is doing well, teething still, well I think so, she is drooling like a leaking faucet. She is still seizure free, praise God and we are hoping she continues down this road.

Well sleep is calling nothing exciting to report, hope all are well and that you are enjoying this upcoming blessed holiday! What are you all doing? Going away, family coming in, staying home, resting, sleeping.. sleep I need sleep.... good night.

oh just another photo of Abby not smiling... she is so sweet... I think she is thinkin', "momma why we out in the cold?"


  1. I'm so happy to hear that Abby is still seizure-free!!! What a blessing! It's so weird how seizures can just stop like that! Gavin's were the same way. I thought that they would never be controlled and then one day...gone! This is awesome!

    You crack me up, how you change your blog so often! My blog is SO BORING looking, but I'm afraid to mess with it because I think that I'll lose everything on it if I do! You want to work on mine for me?! :)

    Hope the rest of your schooling goes well! I bet you'll be happy to be done! HUGS!!!

  2. First, I have to say I love all of the photos from your recent shoot. These precious pictures of grumpy Abby just prove that sometimes the most perfect moments in life are so imperfect! Beautiful!!

    I also love your new blog design! Simple and understated... lovely!

    Congratulations on almost being done with school. I am so proud of you!!

    Still seizure free?? My goodness, that is great news!! God is SO good!!

    We are having family come in for Christmas, so it should be loud, boisterous, chaotic and so very much fun!!!

    God bless you friend!

  3. Love the new design....and really love that it's easy to add a comment now!

    Great pics...Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Ahh...sweet Abbers. I love that warm outfit she has on. She looks like she is warm and cozy but her face says momma...I am cold can you hurry up!! ;) hehe...she is a sweet girl. Praising God she is still seizure free....continuing to pray!


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