November 22, 2010


Anyone ever need help with a good ol' fashioned fight with Medicaid? Well, I now have the experience! I have been fighting since June 1st of 2010, and I just received our final ruling and Abby has WON...
We get private duty nursing back! YEEHAWWW

Shame on Pamela Guess with the URC (snaggle-tooth badger!) who wrongly took Abbs PDN away because she failed to follow the State Departments rules, her own guidelines!!! Absolutely ridiculous!!! Hey DON'T give in! If you have to go to court and FIGHT, then you do it! Bite big and don't let go! That's exactly what they are hoping you won't do! They want you to give in, cower away and fear them! Don't, I am finding that 90% of the time WE are in the right and they just don't wanna PAY so they threaten with their empty threats! Well they didn't count on ME baby! I am Abigail's VOICE and Boy oh Boy did they hear me ROAR!

Whoo-hoo does it ever feel good to fight a good fight and win! Thank You Lord!

I am also on another bit of a high because I finally got wheels! It has been since the 1st week of September that I have been without and let me tell you.. I never really knew how much I depended on that van. Having to adapt from two cars to one is a huge adjustment. I have learned a lot and had become somewhat content without them. We have all had to adjust... Abby has missed school and hippotherapy ever since the accident and I can really tell as she is more apathetic. With my back and neck injuries its just about all I can do to provide her with the missing therapies, but that too will now change and things are looking up. The boys have started wrestling and I have missed out on their matches. They are both doing so well and have both won medals and it's so early in the season! Now I can go and be a part of their adventure, yeah and thank you Lord!

Well lets see, yes there is a Christmas in my title! Yup you guessed it, my house is all decorated and I love it! I have been listing to Christmas music for over a month now and even though we have not had a good snow here in CO it still smells of Christmas and I am LOVING IT! Does anyone else share in my love for Christmas? Does anyone else have their decor up yet?
Here are a few photos taken with my phone, not the best of quality but who cares aren't they wonderful!

Well I guess I had better get to bed! Merry Christmas!!!!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL decorations!!! Hope your family enjoys the holiday season! Love and Hugs!!


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