June 29, 2010

To Pinata or Not!

The boys want pinata's for their birthdays this year so we ventured out to Wally world to see what they had, NOTHING but one funky star shape that cost a whopping $26.00! I figured why pay that much when its just going to take one to two swats and its gone, right?

So I had the brilliant idea, "Hey we can make them ourselves, have fun together and save some money and not only that... it would give them the opportunity to learn to appreciate what goes into making these things."

When we got home (after spending $50.00 on the supplies), things went great... they were all into it, and boy what a gluey mess it was! By the time the their whole balloon was covered and set out to dry, I found myself alone doing the glue and paste stage of round two, three and four thinking to myself, did I honestly think they would have lasted this long, who's idea was it to MAKE these things and not only that.... 2!!! Why 2 why couldn't we just have made 1? We began this project at 3:30 in the afternoon and it is now 10:15 p.m. and we just completed them!

They loved decorating them and I think they turned out really well, but I tell you this... I will NEVER make another pinata again! No wonder the one at Wally world cost what it did!!!! I am the one that appreciates what goes into them and now it is all me that gets to clean up after a 5.5 hour adventure!

Here is the fruit of our labor!

"Risko" Created By Joey

"Bobby" By: Jacob


  1. You crazy Momma!.....Sounds like something I would have done! I always find myself working on a project that I wonder why I did this in the first place! :)

    This project may have driven you mad, but look at those awesome pinatas! I've never seen any cuter before! I say it was so worth it! Great job! Hugs!!!

  2. I love it! I'm sure your boys (even if they don't say it) appreciate what you have done. And they truly are unique and one of a kind.

    Sorry it was so much work and that they will soon be gone, but it looks like your boys are really proud of their new creations.

  3. Oh yes you could have bought theirs but it wouldn't have been near so original and look how proud they are! You are such a wonderful mommy. Sorry I haven't been by to visit. I can be overwhlemed so easy these days even with help. I need to just grow up!
    How is life for your sweet Abby, and you???

  4. Hi Tamara,
    Oh, I am so glad I found you again. I had your old blog address....I know it has been a long time. I have thought of you and Abby so much over the last year. It feels good to catch up. I love your new blog and your family is as precious as ever! Love all the pictures. I'm going to spend some more time catching up. Will be stopping back.
    Much love in Christ,


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