June 25, 2010

Happy Summer Everyone!

Wow where has the time gone? I can't believe it is almost July!!! We have been busy with swimming, mountain trips, movies and have much family time here at the house! I love having the boys home with me and watching them grow and explore and enjoy before my eyes! We are headed out for Durango soon for the 4th as a family for vacation and we are all so excited!

Here is an update on us...

ABBY turned 5 in May! I can't believe she is getting so big! She weighs 35.7lbs which is not making it easy to carry here nor is her 4' in length either. She is getting really good at sitting and I believe she is up to about 15 to 20 sec. before she falls to the floor and giggles. She has lost 2 teeth, one top and one bottom and has 2 more loose ones on her bottom row. I call her my little piranha mouth, too funny! I am letting her hair grow out long so we can put it all into piggy tails and one pony and we are almost there finally! She has become very giggly in the last months, loves to swing, loves to ride horses, loves to bounce and dance in mommas arm to swing music! We still have no words from her, she is getting good at hitting that big red button that says a command like; "more please" (I would love to believe, but am more a skeptic). Her teachers at school really think she is hitting it with intent... I am hoping so! She is still seizure free, thank God and has been in good health. We are taking her swimming today for the 1st time so this will be fun! I will shoot photos and get them up for you to see. She still is basically a full assist, once she reaches 40lbs our nurses can not lift her and we have to get a Hoyer lift... Ugh! Although I am not too sure how that is going to work being that she is being moved all over the place all the time. When I was doing my clinical's we used this lift to get people out of bed to their wheelchair and they stayed there all day... I can't imagine using this as she is lifted in and out of so many things all day long! Oye! In August she will be going to KINDERGARTEN!!! I can not believe this and am so happy for my little angel! She will be going ALL day which is new for us and her. I am not sure how she will handle it, but we shall see. All in all she is wonderful! We are blessed!!!
Abbs with her cousins in Durango!

THE BOYS are going to be turning 10 and 8 in July and are doing so well! We are on a break from sports right now and I am loving that! No running here and there all the time! Joey has been having growth pains like crazy and he is just 1/2" shy of catching his brother in height! He came back from the Science museum and had a bunch of fun tests done, one was a growth one and his height was estimated at 6'2"! So far I am thinking he might just be on that track! His poppa, accidently knocked his tooth out at a game playing catch! Thank goodness it was a baby tooth! Jacob is loving summer, and is turning into a little man. I love talking with him and hearing all his ideas! He has become so like me! He is scary good at baseball, I know all parents dote on their kids, but this one... has got an increadible arm and throws no hitters games!! We are so proud of him!!! He placed 2nd in the Rocky Mountain Nations for wrestling! This boy is ganna be something special! He loves creating with Legos and both are looking forward to taking guitar lessons soon!

ME, I have been keeping myself busy with planting flowers, re-landscaping my backyard and tending my baby pumpkin patch! This year I am determined to grow pumpkins as last year fired me on for a new challenge this year and so far they look perfect! I have re-decorated my living and dinning room, re-upholstered chairs added new curtains and a fresh new Spring look with cream, soft greens and yellows and brown. I know, I know those of you who know me and my absolute love for red can close your mouths now... I am branching out now and getting my feet wet to new fresh things... still has that Pottery Barn feel, just not in reds. My photography business is going well, I have a new website for TCPHOTOJOURNALISM feel free to check it out! Hey, if your in my area and need photo's check my schedule on the site and let me know your interested in getting some pix's done of you and your fam or your special little one, I will give you a 40% discount!!! Let's see what else... oh I have had many attempts at failed diets, and have just excepted it. I'd rather roll into heaven have been chubby and have lived full and happy life rather than have lived skinny and always depriving myself of the blessing of enjoying the finer things of life! We are attending a new church that we LOVE and I am soon going to be involved in a special class for the disabled! There are other families their that have special needs kids which is exciting to me as far as having someone that can identify with me. This special class will allow for parents to sit together in church while their kids are cared for and stimulated with playtime, song or whatever they need! I am really busting at the seems for this! FINALLY!!!! Its been 5 years that Matt and I have been able to sit together in church together!!!! I am involved in a bibles study that just finished a book called: Respectable Sins... Oye' vey! You wanna be challenged? Read this book! I also just finished another book by Francine Rivers, one of my all time favorite authors called; Her Mothers Hope Oh, so good and boy what a page turner! Can wait for the second one to come this fall!

Well I think that's all I will bore ya with! I know it has been in forever since I have been here and I am most likely writing to "cyber-space air", but I am going to try an post here more often now and get back into the grove! If you are flesh and blood and not air, thanks for visiting and reading! Leave me a comment and let me know you stopped by! Have a continued blessed Summer!!!! Tam


  1. Tam, I'm flesh and blood - not just air - though I'm some of that too. Good to get your update. We've really missed out on knowing your kids. It doesn't help that we are on the West Coast. But, I can understand your delight with the kids growing up. A no-contest high light of our lives now is our grandsons. Aunt Judy and I are in Oceanside at the moment and will be going to the first of the all-stars baseball games today in which Julian and Harley play. By the way, I like the square logo with the tagline underneath. Have a great July 4th. We will probably be spending it with the kids and their kids here in CA. Love to the family, Uncle Bob

  2. Hi Tam,
    More flesh and blood... and not air.... I devoured every little bit of news and reveled in the little details of your life. I wish you lived closer. We should be in each other's daily lives. Just like we planned when we were girls. I loved reading the news about Abby and Jacob and Joey- so wonderful about Abby being seizure free, and I know our boys would all be good friends if we lived closer. Your pictures are wonderful and tell the story of your days beautifully.
    I also loved reading about your life and laughed at the comments about red.( currently remodeling our bathroom in all reds and grays!) Post some pictures of your new rooms- or at least send some to me!
    I like the 4th logo as well. I had it picked out to tell you and then read my dad's comment. So that's 2 votes for that logo.
    Love you!
    Ps Call me when you get a change- I'd love to hear your voice!

  3. Hi Tamara,

    Thank you for your comments on our website. I can not believe we have already had our little girl for over 2 years!! and you have had your first baby for almost 10 years! Glad you have been able to update your blog. It is always fun to see what you guys are up to. Hope you enjoy your summer....sounds like you are already!

    We are great. We do not move into our place until mid to end of July but we like it here so far. Tom is really enjoying his job and Brees and I have been busy exploring. Thank you for asking.

    Wishing you all a wonderful summer! Hope to keep seeing all those cute faces posted on here!

    In Christ ~ Jen, and Brees and Tom.

  4. hi Tamra,

    I know what you mean about church, my sister compalins of that all the time1 She and her husband have not been able to go together for going on five years in august! Yay for that...Isn't it amazing how the kids grow and are changing so much!..It is such good news about 'Abby not having seizures still..Wow..what a Praise the Lord!..I hear you about the weight..since my work schedule changed and I have to get up at 4 am..I am constantly tired and I gained like 15 pd since november! ughhh! blessing dear!

  5. More flesh and blood here... :)


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