November 13, 2009

So Much and Christmas TOO!

I have been busy, busy decorating for Christmas!


I LOVE Christmas and the sooner I can escape to all its magical beauty and wonders in my home the BETTER! :O)
My boys were so excited when they came home from school and saw all the twinkling lights! I love my tree and decorating it just makes me think of my grandma as she too had many old fashion glass ornament's, oh I just love my memories, what a treasure they are!

Abby is still free of seizures!

God is so GOOD and I truly believe that this is His answer to surgery!
Oh how relieved I am! He is SO GOOD!
I called the Doc and informed him of this new news and he asked if we did anything different, after I told him no he just said that seizures just sometimes do that... in my heart I knew it was at the Lords hand only and not "just because seizures do that". He did mention that we should go forward with the pet-scan, but that we could push it out until January. I am praying that Medicaid will pick up the reminder balance and that we won't have any out of pocket expense. So for Now we are scheduled for Jan 8th, 2010.

She is doing great, just giggling like mad and full of life! I love having her in the basement, she is all in one spot and not spread out. We spend a lot more time there together as a family and there is much laughter and fun played!

As far as school, I start on Monday. Lately when asked about it I have not felt nervous, weird... actually I don't feel anything right now. Maybe when I get there and meld into it a little I will feel something. Not sure why I am so k-sa-ra-sa-ra, but thinking on Monday morn I will have a few jitters. One thing that I am excited about is that I will be all done before Christmas!
Now thats fantastic and doable!

Here are some more photos of my favorite ornaments, I got some of these this year. Each year I splurge a little to add more to my collection. Its been a long process, 10 years now and I have about 1/4 of the tree from top to bottom that I have yet to fill up. Maybe within the next 2-3 years I will be able to have my whole tree beautified all the way around!

Abby's Tu-Tu Princess 2009

Reminder of Grandmas Favorite Bird 2009

Santa's Carriage 2009

Mr. Frosty 2001

Oh How Pretty! All the kids names are spelt out on our tree somewhere!

And Last But Not Least.... Here is a photo of my very shy and non-social son Joey after his Fall Program. He sung a solo and brought the house down! Boy, was I proud of him! Not sure where he gets his talent, nor his thick charm.... but boy oh boy do I see trouble in the future!

"MERRY CHRISTMAS" ... he-he!


  1. What a great picture of Joey! I can tell he's a character! What song did he sing?

    Christmas already?! I never put our tree up until the day after Thanksgiving. One holiday at a time for me! Although, putting it up sooner would be nice for enjoying it all the more!

    So glad to hear that Abby is still seizure free! Praise God! What a blessing! HUGS!!!

  2. I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW IT!!! I knew you would have Christmas out and up!! ;) hehe....I would decorate but it is pretty hard to decorate an 800 square foot box!! hahah... yeah that would be my house....but the weather is nice!! :D haha...I will be LUCKY to get a 4 foot tree in here!! hahah....

    OK.. I have to confess....I have been stalking your blog to see if you were posting again that Abby was seizure free!!! YIPPEE!!! Wow...what a blessing. As you mentioned in your last will take one day, two days, one week, or whatever He will give you....just so exciting. I remember writing a few weeks is like you just want God to come down and talk to you and tell you what to do!! Well...looks like He did just that.

    We are still praying...Hope your back is holding out. Glad Abby has her "headquarters" where you all can be together.

    ~ Merry Christmas! ~ ;)

  3. OH P.S... Hello....Joey...Little Man...JOEY!!! OH MY GOODNESS!! You told me he had grown but HOLY COW!!! He is so big. I can not believe it. Would love to see more pictures of them when you have time.

  4. It does seem a little early for Christmas, but I too love the wonderment of the season. I love everything it brings - from the lights and decorations to the music and the comfort it brings. I actually thought about hanging my outside lights today, but that's as far as I have come to decorating for Christmas.

    Praise God for Abby and for her seizure freeness! I am so happy to hear that she is doing so well. It is amazing how God can work and how easily we can question Him when we don't know what to do. We'll keep praying that this goodness can continue and that she can be back to her happy self.

    And thanks for sharing the pictures! It got me excited about the fact Christmas is so close.

  5. I LOVE Christmas also!..You go girl..My livingroom is so small there really is not room for a tree with the wood stove..So the last two years we have not had one up...Sad huh!. I do miss it, but I don't know what to do about it..and then the girls have been gone..SO....what to do...This year Joey will be/is now in Costa Rica and Montana is in Utah and Amelia is at college and the roads are so bad for travel...So I guess I will have to live through you enjoying it...I keep hoping God will leads us to something new..but so far so no..

    I am so happy for Abby..How amazing is that..Oh He is so good1...Blessings as you decorate!

  6. This is the BEST news! I can relate! And, yes, it is the Lord's hand, and not "just because". Each day of Abby being seizure-free is the Lord's mercy and power on display. As each day passes that Nathan doesn't need emergency brain surgery, it is the Lord's doing, and the Lord's mercy to us.

  7. I love those kinds of ornaments. They remind me of yesteryear. I only have one made like that - it's a house and it's very special to me.


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