November 7, 2009

The Date Is Set

I spoke to a dear neighbor today (who happens to be a nurse) and was telling her of Abby and what we are faced with. She encouraged me to call and get her scheduled for her pet-scan soon and so with that bit of encouragement I did.

Making this quick call somehow solidifies that it is all real and that is why I put have been putting it off. When I called the 1st time I was transferred and hung up on, good reason to think... "awe, maybe it's meant to be won't call back". The second time I got through and the person on the other end was very gruff, I wanted to say, "ya know I hear they are hiring at McDonald's if you don't care for your job all that much!" What has happened to customer service today? Don't they know that making these calls are difficult for parents?

Anyways, it seemed like an eternity as I waited for a date and time... thinking it would be within the next two weeks, she comes back with December 24th! Of course it's the only time slot available until next year! Are you kidding me, Christmas eve! I think I said without thinking, "your open on Christmas eve?"

Because of insurance and deductibles this will be paid for at 100% so it has to be done before the year ends... but on Christmas eve Lord? I love Christmas! It's my favorite part of the year, the last place I want to be is in the hospital waiting as my child lay unconscious on a cold stainless steal table having die shot in her while someone takes images of her brain!

This gal then proceeds to tell me she will have an EEG done before they do the pet-scan! Arugh, really? She has to go through that again too! We just got all that glue out of her hair!!!!! I am not excited about this at all, more reason to set my heart against doing it or that it should be done!

Why can't things go smoothly for once? Why couldn't I just make the call and talk to a very understanding sweet person, who would not mind answering all my curious questions that any parent would ask about this procedure? Why couldn't she have given me an appointment within the next month even? Why Christmas eve!!!! Why??

Can you tell I am a bit irritated right now? Its 4:30 and I am up rambling on about my frustration... thanks for listening...


  1. I am so sorry Tam! I wish I could say just the right thing! I am praying for all the details. Tell me when you want to have our "silent" get together!

  2. Ahh Sweetie...Thats tuff stuff...i to am so sorry for your continued struggles! I love Christmas to, and am sorry for the time and date! Maybe if you call back on Monday there will be a very kind person on the other end that could maybe help? and answer those questions???? Don't give up just yet!..We will be praying for your successe!...oxox

  3. Tamara I am so sorry for all that is going on. I agree, like we don't have enough going on so why can they just be nice and of course, not make us wait forever. I start getting anxiety the day before I have to call and schedule anything for her. It is like a job that I have to set aside a morning to hold, discuss, call back or whatever to only get an appt. 2 -3 months down the road.
    Will be praying for you and sweet Abby. Praying that they get a cancellation before this date.

  4. That really stinks! I am sorry. Insensitive people just add to all that stress.

    I'll be praying they get a cancellation in the next month and you can avoid the hospital on Christmas Eve.


  5. Tamara,

    Uugh, you have had it rough lately. I know that is an understatement, but I don't have any other words.

    I haven't been commenting on anyone's blog much lately because we have been fighting our own battles, one right after another, with Nathan. I think we are on top of the mountain right now, finally.

    As I read your last few blog posts, my heart aches for you. I can't imagine being faced with the decisions you are facing. I wish I could be right there with you, holding your hand, changing a diaper, watching a monitor, and giving you a much needed break.

    I think about you often. Hugs to you my friend.

  6. This sucks! Like you really want to spend Christmas eve doing this!

    Do they have a cancellation list? Hopefully they can get you in sooner than this!

    Sorry that this is weighing you down! I'll be thinking of you and praying! Hugs!!!


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