May 15, 2009

Were Home!

I am so sorry for trailing off so quickly on the last post! Right when I was typing my doc was leaving a message to come and we were off! Thank you all for your prayers!

Just like the "squeaky wheel" Abby followed suit! We got in the car "packed for a week".... you just never know... and Badda-Boom, Badda-Bing... the drooling & seizures stop! Just like that, as if it was written in the script!

So once on the freeway I begin to doubt why I am going, am I doing the right thing, is this worth going through, what kinda of a mother am I pushing my other kids off on our neighbors, dragging my mom along when she is in pain (another post, too tired) and Abby, well she's all better now, so who's the crazy one???

Well we arrive and as soon as I reach in to get her out, she starts to retch and drool again. O.K. so maybe I was a little harsh on myself earlier, but what do you expect... no sleep the night before, laying on the hard ground all night night nursing my sweet girl. So I'm a little grumpy and in deep need of some chocolate and Starbucks!

She is re-admitted, we see a new doc and he says that the drooling is caused by her nissen, not allowing a full throw-up due to the pyelonephritis i.e., kidney infection which causes server nausea!

"Well, shoot howdy! How come we didn't get told that the 1st time? I'd of been a lot more RELAXED!!!!!"

So we stay for some hours sitting in the dark, listening to sad cries echo through the halls, whispering wonderful memories of my grandma while watching the clock tick as my eyes get heavier and heavier!

The release arrives and we are outta there. Now home, she is sleeping soundly upstairs and I can't type anymore... the screen is blurring and I'm zoning out... Sleep I crave sleep!

Heres a shot of Abbs... I don't usually take photo's in the hospital... Don't want the memories, but she looks so peaceful and ... it turned out alright, SO FAR.........

Again, I am so thankful for your prayers, THANK YOU SWEET FRIENDS! Will keep you posted if any changes arrive with the wee hours and the break of day. Tam


  1. She looks so beautiful! I'm so happy you guys are home. Treat yourself to some much needed rest. You guys are in my prayers.


  2. Oh my goodness!!! I'm glad you quickly resolved that last post...I know how that goes and have been praying.

    Also...tell us about that blanket!!! I'm feeling like Miss Grace NEEDS one. Where do we get them???? :0)

  3. So glad to hear she is resting at home. I will pray for a quick recovery.

    Beating ourselves up ~ it's what us Mamas do best!! Tell you mom I am praying she feels better soon too.

    And as for you Little Missy... get some sleep!! :)

    Prayers for you all,


  4. Poor little Abby! Bless her sweet little heart ;-)

    I hope you got your much needed sleep and had an uneventful night.

    Glad she's home again and some of your questions were answered. God bless!

  5. I'm so glad she's home and hope you are getting some rest. I think we all start to question our "facilities" when we are so sleep deprived. EVEN IF you had gone and everything was alright it is still not crazy to be told you are just trying to care for your child the best way you know how. Don't beat yourself up. She is so pretty and I love the toe picture.

  6. POOR ABBY AND POOR MOMMA! Praying she feels better soon and that all of you can get some much needed rest! HUGS!!!

  7. I am so sorry for your icky days! I have been away from my computer for a few days and did not know...but am always praying for you! Hugs Shi!

  8. Praying that you are getting rest. Thank you for the picture of Abby. I just love to see her. Take care of yourself. It is so rough with no sleep, then begin the migranes. Yuck!

  9. Hi Tam, What a roller coaster ride. Here's a post I read this morning, and thought of you. I hope it encourages you.
    Much love, Gwen


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