March 25, 2009

Tender Moment

Takes place outside in our front yard

Joey: "Mom I need some tape!"

Me: "Why Joe Man?"

Joey: "Because Mom, I just need it!"

Me: "O.k."

A few minuets later.... in the house

Me: "Joey where are you bud?"

Me: "Joey? Joey?? JOEY!"

Joey comes walking in the back sliding glass door with the tape and much dirt stuck to it

Me: "Joe, why did you need tape?"

Said as he walked by, very sardonically, as if I should of known...

Joey: "Because Mom, I had to tape two pieces of wood together."

Me: "Why did you have to tape them together, I don't understand..."

Joey: "Mom... I had to make a cross!

Me: "For what?"

Pause... sigh... a bit teary...

Joey: "Because I accidentally squished a bug and I buried it..."

Me: "You did son? Oh that's so sweet! Come here (hug)... Can you show me
where you buried the bug?"

Happy that I asked to see this grave site

Joey: "Sure, you wanna see it? Come here!"

Kneeling down beside his grave, tears streamed down Joeys face

Me: "What's wrong Buddy?"

Joey: "I'm just sad!"

Me: "Why?"

Joey: "Because I killed him! I didn't mean too... He was there, and now he's not and its all my fault!"

Me: "Oh Joe, your so sweet! I am sure you didn't mean to... curiosity just got the best of you, its o.k. sweetie!"

We had a brief moment of silence and after the mention of sharing some M&M's we were up and all was well in Joey's world!


  1. What a loving and tender little man you have! Such a caring soul. And I love that picture, so touching!


  2. How sweet! What a mindful boy!

    I hate to say it, but my boys spend hours each summer actually killing bugs in our yard and never think twice about it! I also hate to say this, but I actually don't mind since we have thousands of Boxelder (SP?) bugs in our yard and I'm happy to get rid of some of them! My boys do love ants though, and will protect them at all costs. They actually feed the ants the Boxelder bugs and watch as the ants carry the bugs off to their ant homes. I just realized that my boys must be nuts! Oh well, I love them!

    Thanks for sharing this tender moment! Great idea taking that picture...precious!!!

  3. Awww, that is so precious! The innocent mind of a child is truly priceless.

  4. I pray my children grow to have the tender heart that Joey has. What a reflection of his loving parents!

  5. This is the sweetest thing I think I've read, it almost had me in tears. What a tender, loving heart.


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